Werewolves Within (2021) Tribeca Review: A Whodunnit Hoot (Written by Anna Miller)

Say you were to cross Clue’s campiness with Fargo’s Midwestern vibes and the twistiness of Knives Out and you may find the result being a concoction akin to Josh Ruben’s new ‘whodunnit’ flick: Werwolves Within.

This one has a lot going for it from the beginning- a talented and utterly enjoyable ensemble with howl worthy performances, some solid direction from Ruben and a sprinkle of Edgar Wright-esque quick cuts. 

We follow Finn, an enthusiastic new-to-town forest ranger played by an equally delightful Sam Richardson as he arrives in Beaverfield, a small and quote, “batshit” unquote, town. He connects with the local mail woman, Cecily, played by none other than “AT&T girl”, Milana Vayntrub, and turns out she can do more than promote cell plans for she is spectacular in this role as Cecily. After the discovery of a dead body no less, a snow storm forces the two to take refuge in the local lodge and they soon find themselves snowed in alongside the town’s most eccentric numbskulls. Said “Fargo- talkin” numbskulls are played by Catherine Curtin, Wayne Duvall and Harvey Guillén to name a few. 

Tensions and goofs arise as word on the street is a werewolf is the culprit of this recent murder and is most likely hiding in plain sight among the motley crew. And this is when the fun really begins; no one can trust each other, disappearances occur and panic ensues in the most hilarious and chaotic way imaginable. 

With a surprising amount of Mr. Rogers references for a horror-comedy-mystery to even at least one nod to It’s a Wonderful Life, this quite beautifully shot horror/comedy is surely not a sophomore slump for director Josh Ruben. There’s charming characters and zany dialogue aplenty, and more than enough fast paced quips and jokes that stick the landing. 

The first act dragged a small bit at times, but not enough to be of much notice and the ending may be predictable to some, but there aren’t any major grievances to be had. Because really, Werewolves Within is a darn hoot and a solid enough flick to please both human and lycanthrope alike. 

Werewolves Within gets a 3.5/5!!!


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