See For Me (2021) Tribeca Review - (Written by Alex Humber)

When a blind girl house sits for a wealthy family, a group of thieves break in, and with her missing one of her senses, she uses the aid of an App to help see for her.

See For Me premiered at Tribeca 2021, and while viewing conditions were not ideal, watching this at home felt right. The film may not be a masterpiece, but I’ll be damned if I said I didn’t have fun with it.

The film may not be fully original concept wise, but with the inclusion of the blind lead using a phone software that helps see for her, this brings in a new level of suspense and intrigue. There were plentiful scenes of suspense as our lead is limited with her abilities which forces her to be extra careful in her next steps.

Skyler Davenport stars as Sophie, a blind skier who house sits for a wealthy individual. Little does she know that there are people with sinister plans for the house she is inhabiting. Skyler does great with what she is given. She is a solid lead for us to follow and provides us with some well acted scenes. The actress became legally blind in 2012, so the realism behind her performance was quite impressive.

The supporting cast all did well too. Kim Coates has a small role but was very enjoyable to watch. The movie had no weak spots in the acting category. The only weak area was how the pacing was bland. The movie is only just over 90 minutes, but the pacing makes it feel much longer. Luckily the pacing does not affect the plot itself, rather the enjoyment. Nothing felt out of the ordinary. With these home invasion movies, once the criminals break in, the lead almost becomes a super hero and gets away with everything. In this, the hero is held back by her disability and acts like an actual real person in this scenario, which was very pleasing.

Another issue is the film does not have much to say. They come in with this little story, have a message at the end, then leaves. Not to say that is a bad thing, it just holds it back from being great. 

See For Me was a fun movie with some great acting, suspense and realism. Unfortunately, the pacing and lack of memorable moments hold it back from being a great time. While these issues are prevalent, I highly recommend watching it as you will find the good in it!

See for me gets 3.3/5 !

Thank you for taking the time to read! 

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