Nobody (2021) Movie Review: An Admirable Action Comedy (Written By Jaeden Noel)

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First time seeing a new release on a big screen in quite some time...feels good man. Nobody is the new action-comedy directed by Ilya Naishuller (Hardcore Henry) and stars Mr funny, Bob Odenkirk in a not so usual role. Odenkirk plays Hutch Mansell, your typical Flanders next door. After Hutch fails to protect his family during a break-in, he goes on a path of vengeance & violence originally for revenge. However, his situation escalates to a point of doing or dying with a whole lot of bad guys. 

I absolutely loved Nobody. It's a blend of John Wick-type violence and Odenkirk's sweet comedic timing made for a great time that virtually satirizes the action genre without even realizing it. Nobody is well aware of how ridiculously crazy it can get and uses it to the advantage of the film to keep its story moving forward. We are thrown into this film with not much prior knowledge of Hutch's character. That mysterious element sticks around for 90% of the movie and it works so well. Presenting Hutch as your run-of-the-mill soccer dad creates an element of simplicity. Instead of some big old scary hitman (cough cough John Wick), it's just some average guy kicking ass which makes the film kick ass even harder.

The action in this film is IMPECCABLE. Every movement, hit, stab, & punch is choreographed and directed in such a great fashion. There's no chopping editing or any annoying shakey cam to get in the way of Hutch just absolutely serving kills left right and center. The kills are also extremely creative and will likely have you saying holy f*** multiple times throughout. It also holds back ZERO on the blood and gore. For example, when someone gets killed with a drinking glass to the face, we see the aftermath clearly, and boy oh boy is it ever BRUTAL. I was shocked at how gruesome it gets, but I can't say I wasn't loving every minute.

What's also great about Nobody is how great its script is. More than anything, Hutch is protecting his family. Derek Kolstad who penned the screenplay did an excellent job at creating and establishing the world and life Hutch has vs the life he wants for him and his family. With many action films, the emphasis tends to be put on the action which is justifiable to some extent, but I was really satisfied with how Kolstad was able to bring the best of both worlds with this one. Supporting performances from both Christopher Lloyd & RZA were also badass and hilarious. I don't want to get into too much regarding them both because for me going in blind, it was such a great time seeing how both of these actors play into the bigger picture. 

At the end of the day, Nobody is gonna hate Nobody. It's an accessible action film that pushes the limits of widely viewed violence but keeps it balanced with its comedy. It's the perfect simple watch we all may be needing right now and I'm so glad Universal put this out when they did. The only thing I'd say is if you're checking it out at a drive-in (which I'm sure is the only option for some right now), park closer to the screen than usual. Many scenes are in very dark settings and for a moment or two, it was difficult to see what was happening perfectly. I'd love to see this in a theatre soon and will definitely be buying this on 4K Blu Ray when it comes out. 

Nobody gets a 4.5/5! 


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