Sundance 2021 Interview: Rebel Hearts Cast & Crew


Here at Dude I Watched That, we’re continuing coverage on the 2021 Sundance Film Festival! This is one of many capsule reviews, interviews and other pieces that will be published here during and after the event. Check out our social media to be kept in the loop!!

Here, Anna got the chance to sit down with multiple people involved in the (20+ years in the) making of Sundance documentary and feature film Rebel Hearts. The film is a look at Los Angeles’ Sisters of the Immaculate Heart, feminist nuns who challenged the patriarchal conventions of the Catholic Church 50 years ago and are still taking a stand for equality, human rights and change to this day. It is an empowering true story spanning over five decades and worth a watch. 

Joining DIWT on the interview is director Pedro Kos, producer Shawnee Isaac-Smith as well as three of the subjects themselves — Lenore Navarro-Dowling, Ruth Anne Murray and Rosa Manriquez.


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