Freaky (2020) Review: Absolute Hit! (Written By Jaeden Noel)


If you told me two months ago when this film started it's marketing that it would be amongst my favourite of the year, I would of laughed my butt off. Turns out however, Freaky is the medicine I needed right now in these unprecedented times. Being the first film I've seen in theatres since the pandemic with an audible audience, I had an absolute blast with this.

Freaky is the new Blumhouse film starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn and is directed by Chris Landon (Happy Death Day). The film follows outcast Millie (Newton), who mysteriously swaps bodies with the Blissfield Butcher (Vaughn) after he attacks her. With 24 hours on the clock, Millie, now in the body of the butcher must race against time to reverse the swap and stop the butcher from using her body for evil. 

Blumhouse, you did it. You successfully mastered the genre you've sought after for so long. This is the absolute best balance of horror and comedy. When it's horrific, it's all out, thanks to its hard R rating. Within the first five minutes of Freaky, non stop gore ensues quite possibly more than any other recent Blumhouse flick (Even The Invisible Man). When it tries funny it's absolutely hilarious! This is thanks to Landon's screenplay which was co-written with Micheal Kennedy. On top of all this, it's progressive as hell! So double points for that. I really enjoyed how Freaky plays of typical horror tropes and adds a sense of life to them. The film also pays homage to virtually every classic horror film, many obvious and some not so obvious. Those who are die hard horror fans are bound to pick up on them and appreciate the hell out of them.

Both Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn do an excellent job at playing...well, each other. Vince absolute crushes the teenage girl stereotypes and you can tell he is having the time of his life playing the role. He easily steals the show by a landslide. That isn't to discredit Newton however, who gets to show off her more diverse side as an actress. Getting to portray herself as a scary ass character and a funny one all at the same time. Even the supporting characters such as Millies friends bring something to table to combine for one overall great time. 

I genuinely think out of all the horror movies that have come out recently and that will come out in the future, this will be the one that will stay popular as hell over time. Almost in the sense that Jennifers Body was such as a time capsule for Millennial teenage life, this will be the capsule for us Gen Z'ers. This film is going to age like some fine wine.

At the end of the day, I have no shame in saying I absolutely freakin' loved Freaky. I had a smile on my face 99% of the time, and had virtually no problems with it. It succeeded and excelled at what it set out to do and I'm genuinely surprised it managed to do so. If you can do so safely, I highly recommend checking this out, if not make sure to get it as soon as it hits VOD, totally worth the money! 

Freaky gets a 4.5/5!


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