Feels Good Man (2020) Review: Eyeopening & Heartfelt (Written By Jaeden Noel)

It's genuinely crazy that memes are slowly starting to be embodied in history and will eventually be something generations from now probably study. One of the most infamous meme's everyone has most likely come across is Mr. Pepe The Frog himself. The face of "hate" for some, but the face of a generation for others. Who most people probably don't know however, is the cartoons creator Matt Furie. Feels Good Man gets up & close with Furie where we learn about the origin of Pepe, its "hijacking" by 4chan and every single moment where stuff hit the fan.

2020 has been an excellent year for docs and Feels Good Man further supports that statement. Growing up through the Pepe era was a weird time. You didn't know if you were allowed to post Pepe, or if it was truly originated from NEET's & Nazis on 4chan, or if it was all some big political ploy in the 2016 election. Finding unbiased information on it too was even more confusing, including the lack of accurate information. Thankfully, this well crafted documentary will answer every single question you ever had and more. Never have I seen such an intricate documentary that holds no balls back when it comes to every single aspect of the topic. 

Pepe stuff got pretty dark back in the day and they totally acknowledge it and even throw it on the screen incase you forgot. It delves deep into the insanity of "4channers" who made him their martyr and shows how messed up some of them were. But most importantly, it showcases the extreme downsides Furie had to go through & felt when Pepe was at peak infamy. The doc does an extremely well job at creating pathos for Matt Furie, and by the end you just want to give the dude a hug. 

Since I was in my early dumb teenage years at the peak of Pepe, I didn't really care too much about its real importance, but it turns out this was a REALLY big deal and a lot of people have a false perception of the character and most likely Matt Furie. I urge you anyone and everyone who has seen or even heard of Pepe on the internet to check this one out, its really going to open your eye's to alot of stuff we probably would of never known about. For example, the documentary covers the Matt Furie Vs. Alex Jones court case that I for one didn't even remember happening. But furthermore it shows how much of a precedent and important case it was for Furie in helping him sort of get back on his feet. I won't say much more about it, as I think it's best for Furie to tell it to you himself. At the end of the day, I'm glad to be able say Dude I watched that, and will give Feels Good Man a 4.5/5.

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