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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness (2022) Movie Review (Written By Jaeden Noel)

It's officially time to kick off the exciting summer season of movies! As per almost ever year Marvel kicks it off, this time with Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. With Sam Rami attached to direct, I was pretty hyped for this movie, and after what was essentially the biggest movie event of the past two years with NWH, I was curious to see what the MCU had up its sleeve next. Rami delivers a smaller scale yet innovative superhero film that sometimes feels held down Marvels formula. The film takes no time to get going. Without getting into spoiler territory, Doctor Strange and America Chavez (the newest character in the MCU), are immediately brought together & we are given one of the most nostalgic feeling action sequences in superhero films. Watching the first fifteen minutes of this film, theres this genuine early 00's feel. Although the comparison might be an obvious one, it feels and plays out like a fight out of the original Spider-Man trilogy. Strange and Ch

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