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The Survivor (2021) Early Review (TIFF '21) Written By Alex Humber

The story of Harry Haft is one of misery and achievement. A Jewish boxer, Harry was forced to box fellow prisoners in a concentration camp in order to survive. Haunted by his past, Harry uses his skills to attempt to find his lost love. Barry Levinson, of  Rain Man,  helms the directors' chair for  The Survivor . The movie premiered at TIFF 2021. The film stars a stellar cast of Hollywood's best. Ben Foster stars as Harry. Supporting him are actors like; Peter Sarsgaard, John Leguizamo, Vicky Krieps, Billy Magnussen and Danny Devito. With a star-studded cast, an acclaimed director, will the film succeed or fall flat? While the film was enjoyable, pacing issues and a mediocre story bring the movie down. The story for the most part is very well-known, an underdog boxing story. The aspect that brings the film up is the tragic and shocking flashbacks of Harry’s life at Auschwitz. The flashbacks, presented in black and white, were very dark and gave Ben Foster some fantastic materia

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