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Last Film Show (2021) A Love Letter To Cinema & Its Pioneers - Tribeca Review by Anna Miller

Pan Nalin’s Last Film Show (“Chhello Show”) recently had its world premiere at Tribeca 2021; it opened the festival’s spotlight section and has found itself being met with an abundance of well deserved praise and acclaim.  The mostly autobiographical Gujarati language film from director Pan Nalin begins with a message of gratitude to those who “illuminated the path” before, such as the Lumière Brothers, Kubrick and Tarkovsky. This sincere respect and appreciation for both film and it’s pioneers is a theme carried throughout the entirety of the film, as we discover just how Pan Nalin came to be where he is today. From a young boy growing up in a small village with a seemingly far fetched dream, to an acclaimed director with a film premiering at Tribeca.  Last Film Show does just this, and brings us back to Nalin’s origins as a child growing up in western India— filmed at the same exact locations from his childhood. We follow young Samay (Bhavin Rabari) as his life is interminably chang

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