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The Kings Man (2021) Review by Alex Humber

​ After 5 delays, the Kingsman prequel finally hits the big screen! But was it worth the wait? Matthew Vaughn returns to the franchise but the newest instalment has a very different tone than the predecessors. The tone of the film is significantly more different than the first two, as they were more parodies of the action filled spy movie genre while The Kings Man is more of a war drama with spurts of action. For some, this can be off putting when comparing to the others, but for those expecting a different movie, they will have a great time! With no returning characters, it was a difficult task to create an engaging story with all new characters, but the films best characteristic is the fleshed out lead character and his journey! Ralph Fiennes is the focal character and while he is not as memorable and beloved as Eggsy and Harry from the original, he is still a great tragic character that was great to watch. The supporting cast all did their jobs well but there were not ad much stando

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